I have taught survey courses in European, French, and German history, as well as specialized seminars in gender and sexuality studies, historical methods, and topics in European history such as nationalism, the interwar years, and citizenship. All my courses incorporate insights from the history of gender and sexuality by showing how such studies both inform and are informed by more “traditional” narratives. I am currently developing two new courses. One will be a survey of gay and lesbian history in modern United States and European history. The other, “History in the Digital Age,” will introduce students to the ways that new tools are changing the ways that historians complete research, write, and publish. As webmaster for the Committee on LGBT History, I also help update their database of syllabi on the history of sexuality, which I highly recommend for those hoping to develop their own course in the field.

Current and past course websites and syllabi can be accessed below. Feel free to use and adapt to your own needs, but please provide credit where applicable.

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